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Mobile USSD and Bulk SMS

Mobile USSD and Bulk SMS

Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) is a GSM service which allows high speed interactive communication between the subscribers and applications. There is minimal delay between sending the query and receiving the response. Unlike SMS, USSD is a session-oriented service.  

USSD Gateway is a platform that enables Operators to introduce messaging services with USSD as the bearer, enabling faster response times. The platform is complementary to existing SMS services, bringing faster interactive messaging to users. It acts as a Gateway between applications and the GSM network and lets you deliver USSD messages of up to 182 characters on a network between mobile stations and applications.

As with SMS, USSD uses the signaling channel as the bearer. However, instead of having the store and forward functionality, it is session-oriented, which means that when a user accesses a service with USSD, a session is established and the radio connection stays pen until the user, application, or time out releases it. This provides faster response times for interactive applications.

The USSD Gateway uses the same application programming interface that the Short Message Service Center does. Therefore, it is easy to port services based on SMS to utilize USSD as the bearer. In practice, only USSD specific modifications are needed to external applications.

The USSD Gateway supports GUI-based, menu-oriented Service Creation Environment for definition of menu structures and integration with content providers together with internet interfaces to static messages, web-based content providers.

This coupled with detailed statistical analysis, self-testing and resource monitoring guarantees sustained reliable service delivery from the USSD platform. USSD Gateway enhanced cell-switching features which, together with advanced session management capabilities of the USSD Session Manager enables session’s preservation even when the subscriber changes cells.

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